Here is a little information about us.


Lana Seiler, LCSW:

Currently located in Edwards Colorado, Lana  was born and raised in Delray Beach, FL and received her BA in political and social science from Florida Atlantic University in 2008. After graduation, Lana relocated to New York City for two years where she completed a yoga teacher training program and rediscovered a passion for "holding space" for her students to work through their inner experiences. After a few years of teaching yoga and her return to Delray Beach Lana reentered Florida Atlantic University for her Masters Degree in Social Work. Lana knew her interest was in trauma, developmental trauma and attachment related issues. During her last year of graduate school Lana was selected for a clinical internship at the West Palm Beach VA. After graduation Lana gained training in EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programing Post Induction Therapy and Risking Connection. Lana furthered her expertise by learning the basics of Internal Family Systems methods, AEDP, Neurolinguistic Affective Relational Model and completed a six week intensive trauma therapy training led by Bessel Van Der Kolk. Lana is dedicated to treating traumatic stress related conditions in all forms. 

Kristy Quaka, M.Ed., CRC, LMHC:

Currently located in South Florida, Kristy earned her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and her Master’s Degree with a double major in Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling from Florida Atlantic University. One of Kristy’s first roles in a clinical setting came as an internship at a group home for teens. Working the night shift, Kristy was often the only therapist on staff and experienced firsthand the individual complexities of each girl’s traumatic past. She poured through volumes of trauma research and treatment methods to equip herself with the tools to guide clients through the lingering memories of horrific events or extreme stress responses to developmental trauma as in cases of chronic childhood neglect. Since completing her formal education in 2012, Kristy continued to self-educate and complete various trainings to continuously learn new skills and techniques becoming well versed in clinical hypnotherapy, EMDR and NLP to name a few. Today, Kristy has an office located in Pompano Beach where she works with trauma survivors through our private practice, Opus Counseling and Consulting.