Trauma Therapy
We have found that there is no single approach to trauma that will be effective for every patient. The effects of trauma can manifest in a wide variety of ways that depend heavily on the uniqueness of each patient and their history. Our trauma therapists are allowed to specialize and are trained in multiple modalities for symptom management, direct trauma processing and repairing developmental gaps or attachment injuries. Our therapists regularly complete trainings in new and promising treatment modalities as they become available. We believe that in order to effectively treat trauma survivors we need to be able to tailor the treatment plan to the needs of the patient. 
Our focus is on stabilizing patients, providing relief from dysregulation and identifying and changing the negative core belief schemas that are governing the lives of our patients. We do this by providing education, assistance with central nervous system regulation, tools for symptom management as well as processing the source of shame based core belief schemas/identities and then incorporating more adaptive beliefs. In this way we assist patients in improving self-esteem, self-worth, and improving quality of life by enabling patients to view current experiences through a clearer, more present focused perspective rather than one that is tainted by negative past experiences. ​

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